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Can grub2 support c++ module?

From: y.volta
Subject: Can grub2 support c++ module?
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 10:22:49 +0800


    I just wondering, can grub2 support module coded with c++? Let's suppose we 
are trying to apply the fancy menu. ;-)

If we can use the object  oriented, the menu items, the pictures, the controls 
are all objects. The programming interface is easier for us. And, I know the 
XOSL used c++ for its graphic window system; But, if we can not do it as this, 
we have to do things like Allegro. P.S. if we can use OO, there is maybe 
possibility of using the FOX toolkit in grub2, even. 

To the fancy menu, i think, if we can make the fancy menu module support 
scripts ( such as lua, or lite-c ) that's will be more interesting for people 
to produce much more 'theme' files. This will just like the free game 
deveopment platform - the 3D GameStudio: our engine is the fancy menu module, 
the script is the theme core file ( for better experience, we can make all of 
the related file of this theme into a romfs file, so we can call this romfs 
file 'the theme file' ). 

If so, the traditional menu interface is just a theme for us, and we can do 
much more on the menu interface than ever. the MVC framework is also considered 
in this thought.

This is just a thought, do you have any other idea?

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