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Re: [PATCH] New x86_64 EFI patch

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: Re: [PATCH] New x86_64 EFI patch
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 07:58:58 -0400
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Bean wrote:
On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 1:04 AM, Bean <address@hidden> wrote:

This new patch add the following function to the original x86_64 EFI patch:

1, Fix menu drawing problem
It maps the unicode char to EFI char so that the rectangle box is
showed properly

2, Handle command line option for chainloader command

3, Add new command appleloader
The command is used to enable bios boot in apple's bootcamp, for example

boot from legacy mbr:
appleloader HD

boot from legacy cd:
appleloader CD

boot from usb:
appleloader USB

The usb booting may not work in some machine.

I'm not so sure about that syntax. Is there really only one way to boot from HD or USB? (for example I've been storing pc-GRUB2 in fat16 header on third partition, not mbr, and rEFIt finds it there). How does Windows do it (can we boot Windows using this)? (even though Apple made BootCamp for windows, I don't want to find out personally.) I guess you're stuck with some limitations of the apple bios software? Also , "appleloader CD" makes me think it should be used even for Mac OS X boot-CD's, which I doubt it should?


I also fix a few problem in the linux loader, now it can load both 686
and x86_64 kernel from 64-bit EFI firmware.

do you mean linux successfully booting, or hanging as before?

Would someone test it in 32-bit EFI ?

I get an error during `make`, after (from a clean tree)
cvs up; patch -p1 -l < ~/../downloads/efi_5.diff;
./configure --with-platform=efi; make

cat kernel_syms.lst def-normal.lst def-_chain.lst def-chain.lst def-_linux.lst def-linux.lst def-cpuid.lst def-halt.lst def-reboot.lst def-fshelp.lst def-fat.lst def-ufs.lst def-ext2.lst def-ntfs.lst def-ntfscomp.lst def-minix.lst def-hfs.lst def-jfs.lst def-iso9660.lst def-xfs.lst def-affs.lst def-sfs.lst def-hfsplus.lst def-reiserfs.lst def-cpio.lst def-udf.lst def-afs.lst def-amiga.lst def-apple.lst def-pc.lst def-sun.lst def-acorn.lst def-gpt.lst def-raid.lst def-lvm.lst def-hello.lst def-boot.lst def-terminal.lst def-ls.lst def-cmp.lst def-cat.lst def-echo.lst def-help.lst def-font.lst def-search.lst def-test.lst def-loopback.lst def-configfile.lst def-terminfo.lst def-blocklist.lst def-hexdump.lst def-elf.lst def-gzio.lst def-read.lst def-sleep.lst /dev/null \ | mawk -f ./genmoddep.awk und-kernel.lst und-normal.lst und-_chain.lst und-chain.lst und-_linux.lst und-linux.lst und-cpuid.lst und-halt.lst und-reboot.lst und-fshelp.lst und-fat.lst und-ufs.lst und-ext2.lst und-ntfs.lst und-ntfscomp.lst und-minix.lst und-hfs.lst und-jfs.lst und-iso9660.lst und-xfs.lst und-affs.lst und-sfs.lst und-hfsplus.lst und-reiserfs.lst und-cpio.lst und-udf.lst und-afs.lst und-amiga.lst und-apple.lst und-pc.lst und-sun.lst und-acorn.lst und-gpt.lst und-raid.lst und-lvm.lst und-hello.lst und-boot.lst und-terminal.lst und-ls.lst und-cmp.lst und-cat.lst und-echo.lst und-help.lst und-font.lst und-search.lst und-test.lst und-loopback.lst und-configfile.lst und-terminfo.lst und-blocklist.lst und-hexdump.lst und-elf.lst und-gzio.lst und-read.lst und-sleep.lst > moddep.lst \
          || (rm -f moddep.lst; exit 1)
grub_pci_make_address in _linux is not defined
make: *** [moddep.lst] Error 1

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