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DEFLATE compression

From: Colin D Bennett
Subject: DEFLATE compression
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 06:36:55 -0700

How does GRUB support decompressing DEFLATE compressed data?  Based on
my reading of io/gzio.c, it looks like a gzip header is required to
inflate deflated data.

I am implementing a new font format and will be embedding multiple
blocks of compressed bitmaps in the font file for a good combination of
space efficient on-disk storage and fast read performance during use.
A block of character bitmaps will only be read from the file
and decompressed at run time when a character within that block is
needed. After that, when any character in the block is needed, it is
already decompressed in memory for quick access.

I was going to use DEFLATE compression, it looks like I may have to add
the gzip structure to it, which seems silly since it's just a block of
data within my file. 

Also, is it possible to tell the gzio module to decompress a block of
data beginning at a specific offset in the file?


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