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Re: [PATCH] New x86_64 EFI patch

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: Re: [PATCH] New x86_64 EFI patch
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 17:59:26 -0400
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Bean wrote:
Also, you can try adding video=efifb to the command line, does it show
kernel message ?
I'll try that soon, does it need any special customization of the kernel?

You can try the kernel I extract from Fedora's efidisk:

It's 2.6.25. But there is a small problem with this kernel, the screen
would scramble after some kernel output. This is caused by the agp
driver, not grub's fault.

Whatever linux kernel I pick, adding video=efifb to its commandline causes grub to output a couple extra lines in response to `linux`:
Video mode: address@hidden
Video framebuffer: 80000000

Even with video=efifb, the Ubuntu kernel works no better. But that Fedora kernel you mentioned, does work: - with video=efifb, the penguin and kernel messages flash onto the screen for a moment before the screen turns into gibberish. - without, the screen just turns into different gibberish, which is still an improvement over the GRUB screen remaining there :-)

Of course, that Linux kernel doesn't bring me to anything *usable*... but it shows that we're loading Linux and it's probably possible to work in practice by compiling a new enough Linux with the right configs (and maybe patches)

- appleloader always tells me "Model : Core Duo/Solo" and nothing else
matter whether I give it a parameter or not).  If I say "boot" nothing
happens, it just stays in GRUB prompt and I can enter more commands.
 (admittedly, I think I didn't *have* anything to boot in my CD drive,
or MBR)
The model is quite old, it's possible that it uses xom. Is there a
/System/Library/CoreServices/xom.efi in the OSX partition ?
only one year old :)))

Interesting, according to refit, this should be an early 2006 model.
Refit does work, doesn't it ?

refit doesn't tell *me* anything about the model when I'm in refit. In case what your appleloader says was confusing you, I actually have a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (yes, 64-bit capable, I've just never used it in that way). I'm still running refit 0.9 though since I never yet bothered to upgrade to 0.10 or 0.11, and since it works fine for me.


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