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Re: [PATCH] Fix chainloding + Chainloading into logical partitions

From: Fulvio Scapin
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix chainloding + Chainloading into logical partitions
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 21:56:08 +0200

2008/6/30 Lucas Gadani <address@hidden>:

This is my first patch for GRUB, and I haven't found any coding
styles/formatting, nor developer documentation, so, if there's
something wrong, please, forgive me and point me to the right

Current implementation of the chainloading code does not work, cause
it reads the partition table from the first sector of the root device,
and the root device does not contain partition information. I've
changed the way partition table are loaded, keeping a copy of the
partition entry in grub_partition_t structs data field, and just
loading this information in the correct address when chainloading.
I've also changed the logical partitions start address to point to the
actual disk sector, instead of pointing to the sector relative to the
beginning of the extended partition, so we can now boot into logical
partitions (for example, syslinux doesn't boot if the partition table
doesn't map to the correct disk sector).

Any comments are appreciated.

Thank you so much for this. I've been having problem for weeks trying to boot some syslinux-bootable partitions on a usb stick. I knew of the problem but lacked the necessary knowledge to contribute myself. I've just begun to try the patched grub, but until now performs as expected.
Something that might be related: I've created a stick with a GPT label, and I get partitions to boot using syslinux, or rather, they all boot until the fourth. The fifth and the following ones don't, even when I clone the contents of another partition which does boot.
I suspect a similar problem to the one you've addressed.
Thanks again for the effort.

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