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Re: grub-probe detects ext4 wronly as ext2

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: Re: grub-probe detects ext4 wronly as ext2
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 10:21:49 -0400
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Robert Millan wrote:
A more elegant solution (also may be interesting for security at some point)
would be for update-grub to hash each file it generates access commands for
and embed the sum in grub.cfg as a check parameter, like

  if verify_hash /file xxxxx ; then
    do_something_with_file /file

So, if we take for granted those two things:

  - That GRUB should never crash no matter what you feed to it.
  - That update-grub instructs GRUB to verify file consistency via hashing.

- That whenever someone wants to boot a new kernel (or whatever), they re-run update-grub. Which definitely doesn't apply if they're interactively poking around with the GRUB commandline. But it could be a safety check for some cases.

Would it ever make sense to *ask* the user whether to proceed, if the file is different? (they might have changed the file deliberately!) But, with that code you mentioned for grub.cfg, I suppose it can be adjusted to do that, if desired by whoever controls grub.cfg.


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