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Next release?

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: Next release?
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 09:03:04 -0400


Now that we have lzma compression, we should probably consider making
another release in a week or two.

Before it happens, I'd like to add a configure test for working target
compiler, so that users of pure x86_64 machines are not surprised by a
message that "start" and "_start" are not found.

By the way, that check could be generalized to allow more symbols, such
as "Ltext0" on Cygwin.  It would be great if GRUB 1.97 compiled on
Cygwin out-of-box.  Cygwin lacked some lzo development files, but we
don't need them anymore.

All warnings for i386-pc have been fixed, but perhaps I'll look at other
targets if I have time.  Also, Valgrind finds some memory leaks, that we
may want to fix now.

I hope that once GRUB 1.97 is released, we'll eliminate and
reorganize the build system to make it more flexible.

Pavel Roskin

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