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From: Robert Millan
Subject: bug-grub
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 16:06:42 +0200
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Marco and I had an interesting discussion about bug-grub today:

15:54 < marco_g> nyu: Actually, I rarely look at the BTS
15:54 < marco_g> The list is a better way to process patches, IMO.
15:55 < nyu> marco_g: bug-grub is rotting
15:55 < nyu> we should really consider a list merge
15:55 < marco_g> nyu: What do you mean?
15:55 < nyu> either that, or get rid of the BTS and bug-grub
15:55 < marco_g> nyu: I do not oppose to the latter ;-)
15:55 < nyu> marco_g: a BTS *is* useful
15:56 < marco_g> nyu: I do not see any email when people post bugs for GRUB 2, 
is there a way to subscribe?
15:56 < marco_g> That would make it more useful to me...
15:57 < nyu> marco_g: they go to bug-grub
15:57 < marco_g> Oh, I don't read bug-grub
15:57 < marco_g> It's for GRUB Legacy as I see it.
15:59 < nyu> marco_g: then let's dislodge GRUB Legacy from it
16:00 < marco_g> nyu: Good idea, please propose it ;-)

So this is my lazy way of I'm proposing that :-)

What does everyone think?

Robert Millan

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