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Re: [PATCH] Kernel fixes for Cygwin

From: Javier Martín
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Kernel fixes for Cygwin
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 13:02:58 +0200

El lun, 21-07-2008 a las 12:33 +0200, Christian Franke escribió:
> Bean wrote:
> > BTW, if you have time, you can consider writing a tool that convert pe
> > to elf directly, thus avoiding objcopy altogether. This shouldn't be
> > too difficult, you can take a look at util/i386/efi/grub-mkimage.c,
> > which does exactly the opposite, converting elf to pe32.
> due to the complexity of PE, a stand-alone converter may likely be
> larger than the ~680 LoC converter I already offered here.
Why do we even consider a PE->ELF converter? I think the easier way to
go would have the people building GRUB in cygwin (not exactly newbies)
to have an i386-pc-elf "cross compiler" built first, then use that for
the bootloader programs and the normal gcc for tools. Even a "naked"
(i.e. libraryless) cross compiler would work, since the bootloader part
of GRUB is does not need libs (in C terminology, it's "freestanding").
That way, we are free from "objcopy bugs" or "BFD design limitations".

This scheme is kinda like what's done with x86_64-pc-linux, with the
difference that in that case we use the same gcc for both "host" and
"target" by adding -m32 to the latter, but it's essentially the same


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