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Re: [PATCH] Misc patches for grub2

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Misc patches for grub2
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 03:20:44 -0400

On Sun, 2008-07-27 at 15:14 +0800, Bean wrote:
> > Fine.
> I'm sorry, do you mean it's fine to use bootcamp, or keep the name 
> appleloader ?

Fine to use "appleloader".  Actually, I've never had a chance to play
with an Intel Mac, so I don't know the details.

> >> BTW, any comment about the other changes ?
> >
> > Why do we need "crc"?  If there are chances that it will be used for
> > security, we should be using SHA-1.
> crc is useful in many place. For example, png, jffs2, etc.

But why make it a command?

Pavel Roskin

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