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GRUB has a problem with a big grub.cfg

From: Felix Zielcke
Subject: GRUB has a problem with a big grub.cfg
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 12:12:16 +0200

GRUB 2 has a problem with many kernel entrys in grub.cfg
This works fine for me with grub-emu but not real GRUB

I reproduced this now in qemu 0.9.1-5 from debian unstable
Attached is the floppy image i used and the kernel entrys i added to the
insmod lines generated by grub-mkrescue

Welcome to GRUB!

free magic is broken at 0x7f17a00: 0x3d616776

I tried to find out how big grub.cfg exactly must be for it to fail, but
I couldn't
I deleted the entrys in little chunks and then after GRUB loaded the
menu fine I added again some, but it keep displaying the menu fine with
the new entrys added.
So something in GRUB's memory management seems to be a bit broken with a
big grub.cfg

But I still wonder why you need that much kernels and now with testing
in qemu I noticed that the reporter has the exact same menuentrys more
then once in grub.cfg

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