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two bugs in configfile parser

From: Patrick Georgi
Subject: two bugs in configfile parser
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 01:44:53 +0200
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given the following grub.cfg (simplified test case):

menuentry "test" {
if test "a" = "a" ; then
  echo foo

I have some issues. To reproduce, load grub with that file, enter the editor on the menu item, run it with ctrl-x. Two things can happen (I have some local patches which lead to one happening slightly more often than the other, so it seems to be quite sensitive to $whatever):

1. it crashes on malloc magic problems. It seems to be related to the leading spaces on "echo foo". If I remove them, it works. I guess, they're skipped at some place, and after that, the string should be grub_free()d. grub's mm doesn't support that.

2. it corrupts the text once it finishes. After removing the leading spaces, it runs correctly and returns to the editor. Unfortunately, starting with " echo foo", the text is corrupted. Another run (with all those garbage strings) ends in malloc magic error.

That code runs fine if executed directly from the menu.

Patrick Georgi

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