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Status of GSoC patches for graphical menu

From: Colin D Bennett
Subject: Status of GSoC patches for graphical menu
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 09:24:07 -0700

I merged the updates to GRUB mainline into my working set of patches
and will provide updated versions of the patches yet to be committed to
mainline GRUB.

Here is the status of the patches I've sent so far:

--- ---------------------------------------  -----------
 #              Description                    Status
--- ---------------------------------------  -----------
#01 grub-mkrescue i386-pc multiple overlays  COMMITTED
#02 Minor tweak: Comment fix                 COMMITTED
#03 Menu viewer interface                    POSTED
#04 Multiple fallback entries                POSTED
#05 Menu entry class attribute               POSTED
#06 VBE optimization for BGR/BGRA            COMMITTED
#07 VBE double buffering                     POSTED
#08 vbeinfo enhancements                     COMMITTED
#09 Bitmap scaling                           POSTED
#10 new font engine                          POSTED
#11 font tools                               POSTED
#12 videotest enhancements                   POSTED
--- ---------------------------------------  -----------


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