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No scrolling for long input lines

From: Andy Goth
Subject: No scrolling for long input lines
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 12:40:46 -0500 (CDT)

(I said I would research this some more, but I haven't had a chance, and I 
won't get one for a couple days, so rather than wait, I am simply posting what 
I know.)

In GRUB 1.96, typing an input line longer than the screen is wide does not 
cause the screen to scroll.  Effectively this means once I get to the bottom of 
the screen, anything I type that's longer than 80 characters (less prompt) I 
have to type blind.  Aside from not being able to see what I type, everything 
behaves normally.

My GRUB configuration is plain vanilla.  GRUB's on a FAT12 floppy read in using 
biosdisk, there's no grub.cfg file, and I directly type in insmod, ls, linux, 
initrd, boot, and all that jazz.  I haven't made any modifications to the 
source, and I'm using the 1.96 release I found on  I have the 
biosdisk and fat modules compiled into the GRUB image.

Andy Goth |

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