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ATAPI Driver problems

From: Clemens Helfmeier
Subject: ATAPI Driver problems
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 12:23:25 +0200
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Hi everybody,

I am trying to access the qemu cdrom drive (atapi) with grub2. Unfortunately, 
qemu crashes with "triple faults". A bit of google revealed that this would 
reboot a real machine, so qemu has reasons for it.

This always happens at the same location of code (0xb3a0 in my case) but the 
output bofore the crash is not always the same. I don't know if output is 
delayed either in qemu or in grub, does anyone know that?

I also wonder why the qemu cdrom drive is not detected as removable nor as 

grub> ls (ata2)/
../disk/ata.c:798: opened device ata0 successfully.
../disk/ata.c:803: using block size 0x200 for device ata0.
../disk/ata.c:816: closed device ata0,1.
../disk/ata.c:920: opening ATAPI dev `ata2'
../disk/scsi.c:261: dev opened
../disk/scsi.c:270: inquiry: devtype=0x00 removable=0
qemu: fatal: triple fault

How can i debug the running grub2 in the qemu machine? Is there an easy way 
gdb? Did someone already get the ATAPI code working somehow? Where can i find 
information on how to access atapi/ata drives?

(the snipped above has been created with my sector size patched svn version)

Any ideas, commens, ...?


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