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RE: forgot passwd, cannot login, [rd]init=/bin/sh don't work

From: James Shewey
Subject: RE: forgot passwd, cannot login, [rd]init=/bin/sh don't work
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 08:26:27 -0400

Grub does not manage ubuntu or debian's (or any other distribution's) 
repositories and has no control  over how often these distros recompile and 
update these packages. Only their own codebase which is stored in their svn 
codebase. Debian'snewest package is a little out of date, and ubuntu's newest  
package is _really_ out of date. This means that your patch may have already 
installed your patch in the grub2 codebase and by installing fro your 
distributon's repository, you wouldn't even know. This means that you can  
either  a) file a bug report with your distrbution and wait for the package to 
propigate (which cold take up to 6 mos for ubuntu for the jaunty jackalope 9.04 
release and even longer for debian, depending. You could speed this up by 
running the alpha version of your distro, but this is not recommended.) or b) 
break down and install from grub2 svn. Installing from svn is not very hard. 
The commands are:

svn co http://url
Cd grub2
sudo make install

You would need to look up the url for the grub svn though. Also be aware that 
grub2 will not compile on a 64 bit system yet.


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Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 2:41 PM
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Subject: Re: forgot passwd, cannot login, [rd]init=/bin/sh don't work

Can somebody please integrate my patches? For the parent article and
the "grub-install message should mention --recheck" article.

I am a mere "apt-get install" user. I fear if I learn your whole
source code system, and finally make an official patch, it too will
fall on deaf ears.

As I expect I will only have one patch per three years, please
integrate it for me. Thanks.

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