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Fwd: Boot Problem in Grub 1.96 ?

From: Donn Khanna
Subject: Fwd: Boot Problem in Grub 1.96 ?
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 19:53:26 +0530

I have Now Successfully installed grub version 1.96 and there's also the menu like in 0.97 to boot. I got this menu after running update-grub command. Now I updated the grub.cfg (similar to grub.conf in v 0.97) as per rules in the official documentation website:

All of these web sites are in:

The main purpose of loading grub 1.96 is hfs+ file system support. this support was added in v 1.92
I want a triple OS Booting (fedora 9, Mac OS X leopard, vista). All of my OS's are installed in different drives. Mac OS X is installed in hfs+ file system while vista in NTFS.

After updating the grub.cfg file, it gives the following errors:
For Mac OS X:
error: Invalid signature

For Vista:
error: read write error

in grub 0.97, it was unable to mount hfs+ file system and I was getting 2 OS. Now in grub 1.96, there's only fedora showing and I am able to boot only 1 OS.It is showing every item in the boot menu, it displays these errors when I press the enter button to boot the respective OS.
Please Help.

Rohit Gupta.

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