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Can't Load image with background_image

From: José Campos
Subject: Can't Load image with background_image
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 18:36:25 +0100

                Hello, all


                I already can load a pff font file.


                But can not load any image (png or tga). Even if I press ‘c’ on grub boot start and enter the lines my self, I receive the following :

                                Error: No video mode activated

                When I try: background_image /grub/ESEIG.png


                Follow all the command inserted on grub Minimal BASH-like line editor:

      font /grub/unifont.pff

      set gfxmode=640x400

insmod gfxterm

insmod vbe

insmod png

terminal gfxterm


                background_image /grub/ESEIG.png  ç error where



                Many thanks. Nice weekend to all.


                José Campos

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