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Question about static compiling

From: Joe Lewis
Subject: Question about static compiling
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 09:47:52 -0600
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Hello, folks;

I joined this list as I have been unable to find a solution that I agree with on a simple question. This should be short, and an answer should help others to find solutions through searching. My simple question is - how do I compile a static form of grub2?

The background - I am trying to create my own LFS system on a dual quad-core Xeon (x86_64), and the LFS turns out to be a pure-64 bit environment. I am unable to compile grub, as it requires a 32 bit libc, and everything I find about grub shows I will have to use a statically compiled version. My research (mailing list, google, etc) only revealed setting the enviroment variable for the CFLAGS with a -static, but that STILL resulted in the binaries holding a reference to /lib/, which doesn't exist in a true 64 bit environment - it is /lib/ . And, since it is a 64 bit environment, the "static" binaries complain about a corrupt shared object if one just slaps a symlink in there (I've tried everything I can think of).

I finally hit a wall, and I do not know where to look next. Has anyone built grub2 on another platform for use in an LFS pure-64 bit environment? Has anyone successfully compiled grub2 in a 64 bit environment (I doubt this, but it doesn't hurt to ask) ? I'd be willing to act as a guinea pig if anyone has some patches to test with, etc. I had the svn version of 1886.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this,

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