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[PATCH] Converter for the new font engine

From: Bean
Subject: [PATCH] Converter for the new font engine
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 22:07:04 +0800


This patch converts existing font to pf2. It uses the freetype2
library, so it can support most common file format, like bdf, pcf.gz,
ttf, etc.

Usage: grub-mkfont [OPTIONS] FONT_FILES

  -o, --output=FILE_NAME    set output file name
  -i, --index=N             set font index
  -n, --name=S              set font name
  -s, --size=N              set font size
  -d, --desc=N              set font descent
  -b, --bold                convert to bold font
  -a, --auto-hint           enable autohint
  --no-bitmap               don't use bitmap glyth
  -h, --help                display this message and exit
  -V, --version             print version information and exit
  -v, --verbose             print verbose message

2008-01-06  Bean <address@hidden>

        * (freetype_cflags): New macro.
        (freetype_libs): New macro.

        * common.rmk (bin_UTILITIES): Add grub-mkfont.
        (grub_mkfont_SOURCES): New macro.
        (grub_mkfont_CFLAGS): New macro.
        (grub_mkfont_LDFLAGS): New macro.

        * (FREETYPE): New test for freetype.
        (freetype_cflags): New macro.
        (freetype_libs): New macro.

        * util/grub-mkfont.c: New file.


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