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Re: [semi-PATCH] grub.texi: emergency booting without root passwd

From: Vesa Jääskeläinen
Subject: Re: [semi-PATCH] grub.texi: emergency booting without root passwd
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 22:06:21 +0200
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Carles Pina i Estany wrote:
> Hello,
> (I'm not Grub expert)
> On Dec/27/2008, address@hidden wrote:
>> Please add this somewhere you feel comfortable with in grub.texi.
>> I looked, but cannot find the right place.
>> Thank you.
>> @Chapter Tips
>> @node Forgot the root password
>> One place when grub can come in very handy is when one forgot the root
>> password, and hence cannot boot or even shutdown the system. Use
>> @example
>> linux        /boot/vmlinuz-... root=... rw init=/bin/sh
>> initrd       /boot/initrd.img-...
>> @end example
>> The key is the "rw init=/bin/sh". (And after editing /etc/passwd to change
>> root's :x: to ::, be sure not to just exit the shell, but hit
>> CTRL-ALT-DEL, else one has to push the reset button.)
> and I think that better type "sync" to synchronize the buffers.
> Also, I'm not sure if this should be in the Grub "Chapter Tips" (because
> it's half Grub related, half Linux related) (so, maybe would be
> useful but I wonder if it's the correct place)
> What other people thinks?

First of all it does not work with every Linux distribution and secondly
I do not see that we should take any side how to enter to Linux
installations without proper authentication...

So you are free to keep information like this on the web, but not as
part of official grub distribution...

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