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Re: [PATCH] Build system improvement

From: Javier Martín
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Build system improvement
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 14:23:29 +0100

El dom, 25-01-2009 a las 12:34 +0200, Vesa Jääskeläinen escribió:
> Javier Martín wrote:
> > This patch modifies several files in the build system (mainly common.rmk
> > and genmk.rb) to reduce the general verbosity of the build process to a
> > manageable, semi-informative level. Thus, what currently appears as
> > "gcc" calls, several lines long each is turned into lines like:
> > 
> > [M xfs.mod] COMPILE ../src/fs/xfs.c ->
> > xfs_mod-fs_xfs.o                                                            
> >                                                                       
> > [M xfs.mod] LINK xfs_mod-fs_xfs.o ->
> > pre-xfs.o                                                                   
> >                                                                         
> > [M xfs.mod] Looking for EXPORTED SYMBOL definitions: pre-xfs.o
> > 
> > And so on. The change also makes warning-hunting marginally easier,
> > though not by much since the patch intentionally shows a line for nearly
> > every process that did so previously. This behavior could be simplified
> > further if needed - this post is more of an RFC than anything else.
> > Also, it is by no means thorough or complete - only the most common
> > processes have been addressed - as I'm a bit busy with exams.
> > 
> > The patch makes the new behavior the default one, so a new make-time
> > option is added: V (for "verbose"), which must have the value 1 in order
> > to get the behavior, as in "make V=1"
> First of all I would like compiling process to be more tidier.
> However, what is the difference between Colin's similar patch?
Oops... I did not remember Colin's patch, it's been so long since it was
last discussed that my mind considered it deceased for all intents and
purposes. I'll look into the post history and see what it did compared
to mine - if I get it to compile against a current SVN grub, that is.

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