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Re: [PATCH] remove target_os

From: Christian Franke
Subject: Re: [PATCH] remove target_os
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 20:57:10 +0100
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Robert Millan wrote:

Based on the description of host/target triplets in

dnl   build  -- the environment for building GRUB
dnl   host   -- the environment for running utilities
dnl   target -- the environment for running GRUB

it seems that target_os is an oxymoron.  There's no OS in the environment
where GRUB will run (well, there's the firmware, but we already use
target_vendor for that, and _os has a well-defined meaning).

Attached patch fixes that by supressing all references to target_os, and
replacing them with host_os where suitable.

Christian: since this mostly affects Cygwin, could you verify that it doesn't
cause breakage before I commit it?

Hi Robert,

thanks for sending the patch first. Cygwin build looks good.

But even if GRUB itself is build for some $target_cpu-$target_vendor (i386-pc), the target_os is not useless if cross-compilation support is desired:

- GRUB tools like grub-setup are build for the target_os
- Package structure may depend on target_os.

- The gcc code generator may emit special code tailored for the assumed target_os
Stack frame checks
Nested function trampolines (__enable_execute_stack())

Unfortunately, gcc has no '-fno_os' option to specify the bare CPU as target.
Fortunately, all current issues can be handled by autoconf checks.

 AC_MSG_CHECKING([for command to convert module to ELF format])
-case "${host_os}:${target_os}" in
-  cygwin:cygwin) TARGET_OBJ2ELF='grub-pe2elf' ;;
+case "${host_os}" in
+  cygwin) TARGET_OBJ2ELF='grub-pe2elf' ;;
   *) ;;

This won't work for a Linux cross compiler hosted on Cygwin. It would emit ELF format and does not need pe2elf.

But all this is theoretical unless cross compilation is really needed.


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