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Random selections and changing splash screen

From: Antóin Óg Ó Cuinneagáin
Subject: Random selections and changing splash screen
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 13:01:52 +0000

Hi my name is Anthony Cunningham and I have recently joined this list.

I'd had some ideas for features for Grub and the wiki mentions putting
them on this list in case they exist, or others may be working on
something similar.

One idea is that after the timeout a random entry is chosen from the
boot menu, instead of default.  The use case I had in mind would be
where multiple distributions are installed and the user would let a
random one boot as an incentive to learn to work with that
distributions package manager, destop environment etc.
the entry could be like :
random  //any random entry
random (4,5,8)  //random of 4, 5 or 8
random not (3,5,9) //random , except these..for not choosing windows
or rescue partitions etc.

Also another feature I thought of (when may exist) is a per entry
splashscreen setting, and moving up and down with the arrow keys would
change the background splashscreen.
I think this would be a nice feature to show OS specific splashscreens
Windows, Red Hat, FreeBSD etc.


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