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Implementing commands from TODO list

From: Bandan
Subject: Implementing commands from TODO list
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 19:11:11 -0500
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First thing's first; I finally realized while getting my daily dose of grub2 
that I had unintentionally tried to post my message in a wrong thread 
here : 

It was very careless on my part and I sincerely apologize for the noise 
(sorry phcoder and Vesa Jääskeläinen ! ).

Now to my point:

I was looking at the TODO list here into 
the list of missing commands As I 
see that there is not much talk about  them on the list, I would like to 
track the missing commands and start adding them to Grub2. 
Personally, I would like to start with "uppermem" as I have already 
gone through the relevant code and it will be easier for me to start with 

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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