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[PATCH] 3/5 Bitmap scaling

From: Colin D Bennett
Subject: [PATCH] 3/5 Bitmap scaling
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 12:32:20 -0800

This patch adds bitmap scaling support to GRUB.

It also adds support to gfxterm for scaling the background image to fit
the screen.  The background_image command supports a new -m/--mode
option, which takes "stretch" (the default) or "normal" as values.

The patch is against GRUB trunk revision 1964.

Vesa started a discussion about more flexible handling of bitmaps
including the concept of optimizing loaded bitmaps into a
display-specific format, at which point they could no longer be
modified by functions like the bitmap scaling functions.

This bitmap format optimization would be nice to add, but I think we
can at least add this basic bitmap scaling functionality to start
with.  It only supports 24/32 bpp direct color modes at this point to
keep things simple.


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