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Re: [PATCH] hdparm.mod - get/set ATA disk parameters

From: Christian Franke
Subject: Re: [PATCH] hdparm.mod - get/set ATA disk parameters
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 19:00:06 +0100
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Robert Millan wrote:
On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 03:13:31PM +0100, Christian Franke wrote:
insmod ata_pthru

(note that module dependencies should make this unnecessary)

This insmod is necessary for now. hdparm.mod does not directly call ata_pthru.mod, it uses kern/disk.c::grub_disk_ata_pass_through function pointer instead. Otherwise, using other future ata_pass_through functions (e.g. from some ahci.mod :-) would not be possible.

Another drawback of a hdparm->ata_pthru dependency would be that 'help' or 'hdparm -h' would load ata.mod which disables e.g. biosdisk.mod.

insmod hdparm

# Make sure disks cannot be locked by an ATA password
hdparm --quiet --security-freeze (ata4)
hdparm --quiet --security-freeze (ata6)

menuentry "Boot" {

 # Check health
 if hdparm --quiet --health (ata4) ; then echo -n ; else
   echo "Warning: SMART status check failed"

 # Set boot disk to "fast", disable spin down
 hdparm --quiet --aam=254 --standby-timeout=0 (ata4)

 # Set other disk to "quiet", spin down after 5min inactivity
 hdparm --quiet --aam=128 --standby-timeout=60 (ata6)

 # Boot ...

menuentry "Memory Test" {

 # Spin down both disks after 10min
 hdparm --quiet --standby-timeout=120 (ata4)
 hdparm --quiet --standby-timeout=120 (ata6)

 # Load memtest ...

Very interesting.  Do you think any of these features could be useful as a
default option in grub-mkconfig?

At least the --health check and --security-freeze are IMO recommended for each disk. Both is also done by a typical PC BIOS. AAM and standby settings are more user specific. The problem is that this relies on native ATA support which is now only available for controllers supported by ata.mod.

At least for the boot disk, such hdparm calls could be added by e.g. extending 'prepare_grub_to_access_device'.


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