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Re: [PATCH] Split of the normal mode

From: phcoder
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Split of the normal mode
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 11:22:46 +0200
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David Miller wrote:
From: phcoder <address@hidden>
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 09:43:01 +0200

Move from todo on wiki is done except UltraSparc.
David Miller: these todos seem to be very outdated by your work. If some of 
them or new tasks are applicable could you add them to task tracker?
# Install on disk
# Grub emu
# Boot something
# Write a grub-install script to install grub and configure OF variables properly. This 
will be different from PPC because Sparc has openpromfs and is missing sysfs 
"devspec" links into the device tree.

This should all just be deleted.  It's either going to be done by
my patches or is irrelevant.
ok, thanks. Now everything is in savannah task tracker. As for command list I added important missing commands to task tracker and skipped not-so-useful ones. As there is some subjectivity involved if you don't agree with my choice just say it. Similar situation is with user's feature requests. I moved the ones that are out of scope of grub2 or already done to "Invalid requests" section. As for other I see none which are priority right now. If you disagree again just say.
Also I'm currently adding patches which are pending for more then one week


Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko

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