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PowerPC build is broken

From: Jordi Mallach
Subject: PowerPC build is broken
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 22:59:15 +0200
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I'm trying to build today's SVN version on PowerPC.

cat kernel_syms.lst def-linux.lst def-normal.lst def-suspend.lst def-reboot.lst 
def-halt.lst def-multiboot.lst def-memdisk.lst def-lsmmap.lst def-fshelp.lst 
def-fat.lst def-ufs.lst def-ext2.lst def-ntfs.lst def-ntfscomp.lst 
def-minix.lst def-hfs.lst def-jfs.lst def-iso9660.lst def-xfs.lst def-affs.lst 
def-sfs.lst def-hfsplus.lst def-reiserfs.lst def-cpio.lst def-tar.lst 
def-udf.lst def-afs.lst def-amiga.lst def-apple.lst def-pc.lst def-sun.lst 
def-acorn.lst def-gpt.lst def-raid.lst def-raid5rec.lst def-raid6rec.lst 
def-mdraid.lst def-dm_nv.lst def-lvm.lst def-scsi.lst def-minicmd.lst 
def-extcmd.lst def-hello.lst def-handler.lst def-ls.lst def-cmp.lst def-cat.lst 
def-echo.lst def-help.lst def-search.lst def-test.lst def-loopback.lst 
def-fs_uuid.lst def-configfile.lst def-terminfo.lst def-blocklist.lst 
def-hexdump.lst def-read.lst def-sleep.lst def-loadenv.lst def-crc.lst 
def-video.lst def-videotest.lst def-bitmap.lst def-tga.lst def-jpeg.lst 
def-png.lst def-font.lst def-gfxterm.lst def-elf.lst def-gzio.lst def-bufio.lst 
/dev/null \
          | mawk -f /tmp/buildd/grub2-1.96+20090402/genmoddep.awk und-linux.lst 
und-normal.lst und-suspend.lst und-reboot.lst und-halt.lst und-multiboot.lst 
und-memdisk.lst und-lsmmap.lst und-fshelp.lst und-fat.lst und-ufs.lst 
und-ext2.lst und-ntfs.lst und-ntfscomp.lst und-minix.lst und-hfs.lst 
und-jfs.lst und-iso9660.lst und-xfs.lst und-affs.lst und-sfs.lst 
und-hfsplus.lst und-reiserfs.lst und-cpio.lst und-tar.lst und-udf.lst 
und-afs.lst und-amiga.lst und-apple.lst und-pc.lst und-sun.lst und-acorn.lst 
und-gpt.lst und-raid.lst und-raid5rec.lst und-raid6rec.lst und-mdraid.lst 
und-dm_nv.lst und-lvm.lst und-scsi.lst und-minicmd.lst und-extcmd.lst 
und-hello.lst und-handler.lst und-ls.lst und-cmp.lst und-cat.lst und-echo.lst 
und-help.lst und-search.lst und-test.lst und-loopback.lst und-fs_uuid.lst 
und-configfile.lst und-terminfo.lst und-blocklist.lst und-hexdump.lst 
und-read.lst und-sleep.lst und-loadenv.lst und-crc.lst und-video.lst 
und-videotest.lst und-bitmap.lst und-tga.lst und-jpeg.lst und-png.lst 
und-font.lst und-gfxterm.lst und-elf.lst und-gzio.lst und-bufio.lst > 
moddep.lst \
          || (rm -f moddep.lst; exit 1)
grub_register_command_prio in linux is not defined
make: *** [moddep.lst] Error 1

I've looked here and there, and can't figure out what's missing. Can anyone
help? I strongly suspect this was caused by Bean's huge patch on 2009-03-21,
versions up to 2009-03-14 did build.

I hope someone can lend a hand here!

Jordi Mallach PĂ©rez  --  Debian developer
address@hidden     address@hidden
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