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New linux loader doesn't like vga=1

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: New linux loader doesn't like vga=1
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 21:48:58 -0400


One of my test systems uses "vga=1" on the command line, which enables
80x50 text mode.  After updating GRUB, I don't have that option anymore.
I'm using text mode GRUB, and I would prefer not to be forced to use

If I add vga=1 to the kernel command line, I get:

Unable to initialize requested video mode (vga=0x1)
error: Can't locate valid adapter for mode

If I use "vga=ask", I get:

error: You need to load the kernel first.

Totally unhelpful.  But if I even the entry to remove "vga=1" after
having tried to boot with it, I get the same message as with it!  I
believe grub_cmd_linux() should initialize the vid_mode variable every
time, whether "vga=" is found or not.

And if I try "vga=ask" and remove it, the system reboots.  No idea why.
I add those options at the end of the Linux command line.

In my opinion, GRUB should keep kernel options alone unless

1) GRUB knows exactly what is requested
2) GRUB can actually do something useful

In case of "vga=ask", GRUB doesn't know the option and it cannot help
because it's in the text mode.

Pavel Roskin

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