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Re: [PATCH] FAT, UFS and mtime

From: phcoder
Subject: Re: [PATCH] FAT, UFS and mtime
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 2009 11:21:40 +0200
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Can someone review this patch?
phcoder wrote:
mtime part
2009-03-15  Vladimir Serbinenko  <address@hidden>

    Support for mtime and further expandability of dir command

    * include/grub/lib/datetime.h: moved to ...
    * include/grub/datetime.h: ... moved here and added
    declaration of grub_unixtime2datetime. All users updated
    * include/grub/fs.h: new syntax for dir and mtime functionin
    struct grub_fs
    * include/grub/fshelp.h: new declarations of GRUB_FSHELP_TYPE_MASK
    * commands/ls.c (grub_ls_list_files): Write mtime in long format
    * fs/ext2.c (grub_ext2_dir): use new dir syntax and supply mtime
    (grub_ext2_mtime): new function
    * fs/hfsplus.c (grub_hfsplus_dir): use new dir syntax and supply mtime
    (grub_hfsplus_mtime): new function
    * fs/ufs.c (GRUB_UFS_ATTR_TYPE): new definition
    (GRUB_UFS_ATTR_FILE): likewise
    (GRUB_UFS_ATTR_LNK): likewise
    (struct grub_ufs_sblock): new fields mtime
    (grub_ufs_read_inode): new parameter to read inode to a separate buffer
    all users updated
    (grub_ufs_dir): mtime support
    (grub_ufs_mtime): new function
    * fs/affs.c (grub_affs_dir): use new dir syntax
    * fs/afs.c (grub_afs_dir): likewise
    * fs/cpio.c (grub_cpio_dir): likewise
    * fs/fat.c (grub_fat_find_dir): likewise
    * fs/hfs.c (grub_hfs_dir): likewise
    * fs/iso9660.c (grub_iso9660_dir): likewise
    * fs/jfs.c (grub_jfs_dir): likewise
    * fs/minix.c (grub_minix_dir): likewise
    * fs/ntfs.c (grub_ntfs_dir): likewise
    * fs/reiserfs.c (grub_reiserfs_dir): likewise
    * fs/sfs.c (grub_sfs_dir): likewise
    * fs/xfs.c (grub_xfs_dir): likewise
    * util/hostfs.c (grub_hostfs_dir): likewise
    * lib/datetime.c: moved to ...
    * normal/datetime.c: ... moved here
    (grub_unixtime2datetime): new function
    * kern/rescue.c (grub_rescue_print_files): use new dir syntax
    * normal/completition.c (iterate_dir): use new dir syntax
    * normal/misc.c (grub_normal_print_device_info): tell the
    last modification time of a volume
    * kern/fs.c (grub_fs_probe): updated dummy function to use new syntax
    * conf/i386-coreboot.rmk: added normal/datetime.c to grub-emu
    and normal.mod. Removed lib/datetime.c from datetime.mod
    * conf/i386-efi.rmk: likewise
* conf/i386-ieee1275.rmk: likewise * conf/i386-pc.rmk: likewise
    * conf/powerpc-ieee1275.rmk: likewise
* conf/sparc64-ieee1275.rmk: likewise * conf/x86_64-efi.rmk: likewise
Robert Millan wrote:
On Sun, Mar 01, 2009 at 05:25:10PM +0100, phcoder wrote:
Hello all. It seems that gcc has trouble with -m32 when structure is passed as argument. So I replaced that part by a pointer. Also I made some improvements to ufs code to support solaris branch of ufs. I tested it also with freebsd and netbsd's branch and it works fine on it too. As my 3 FS patches: mtime, FAT and UFS are interdependent I submit a patch with all 3 features. If it's really necessary I can split them but it requires a lot of unnecessary work

Please do.  It is definitely confusing to review patches that merge
unrelated things.

Also, please don't include the changelog entry in your patch, since those
break too easily.  Just paste it at the top of your mail.


Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko

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