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Re: [PATCH] LUA script engine for grub2

From: Bean
Subject: Re: [PATCH] LUA script engine for grub2
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 02:27:07 +0800

2009/4/8 Vesa Jääskeläinen <address@hidden>:
> Bean wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This patch integrate the LUA script engine to grub2. Before applying
>> this patch, you should apply the split module patch split_3.diff
>> first.
>> BTW, I forget to add the previous split_3.diff, so that
>> handler.lst will not be generated, I include it in this one.
>> To try the LUA engine, you can enter command line, and use:
>> parser.lua
>> Inside lua, you can use to execute grub commands, such as:
>>"ls", "-l")
>> To switch back to sh, you can run this command:
> I would prefer something like grub.return or grub.exit, or something
> like that if really needed.


I add a grub library to lua, now it only contain, but it
would be easy to add more function. I think it would be useful to add
function to interface with the video subsystem directly, so that lua
can be used to control the dynamic drawing of ui components.

> Here is something that I would like that it can do:
> In GUI definition:
> action="\"ls\", \"-l\")" and action="my_lua_action.lua"
> or just
> action="lua:my_lua_action.lua"
> and
> action="ls -l" or action="(ba)sh:ls -l"
> This way one could use both grub bash scripting and lua scripting.
> Now if something is being executed in my_lua_action.lua and execution
> comes to the end it should return to calling code.
> grub_lua_execute_file("<file name to lua script>");
> grub_lua_execute("<lua commands>");

In fact, I have extended the configfile command to accept parser parameter:

configfile /new_script.lua lua


source /script.lua lua

It would change to lua and parse script.lua, then switch back to the old parser.


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