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Eliminating nested functions

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: Eliminating nested functions
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 11:54:57 -0400


While I have just applied a patch adding NESTED_FUNC_ATTR to several
functions as an emergency fix for a major breakage in ata, ohci, uhci
and lspci modules, I would prefer a more radical solution.

I suggest that we eliminate all nested functions.  The reasons are:

1) They make the code less readable, as they make the parent functions

2) They have problems with some popular compilers, as recent as gcc-4.0
when regparm(3) is used.

3) We failed to implement a reliable test for such problems.  We are
using regparm(1) for all compilers.

4) The existing test is one of the obstacles making it impossible to
compile without having libc for the target (x86_64->i386 would be really
nice), as we need to run the compiled test executable.

5) Non-i386 architectures define NESTED_FUNC_ATTR as an empty symbol, so
developers on such architectures don't see if they use it correctly.

6) NESTED_FUNC_ATTR tends to proliferate to the file scope functions, as
it happened with grub_pci_iterate().  It only takes one caller using a
nested function to force NESTED_FUNC_ATTR on all functions used as an
argument to the same function.

We can give all formerly nested functions better, more descriptive names
starting like other functions in the file and ending with "_iter".

Pavel Roskin

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