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Re: [PATCH] bless command

From: Drew Rosen
Subject: Re: [PATCH] bless command
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 04:25:44 -0700

I'd also like to help test this as I have a first gen macintel mac pro that needs to run centos. It was difficult to get a 2nd gen machine to see the os drive last time I loaded centos...

Drew Rosen

On Apr 19, 2009, at 3:50 AM, Vladimir Serbinenko <address@hidden> wrote:

Hello, thank you for the testing. Two concepts together (system folder and system file) are clearly redundant. I thought that intel macs look which folder is blessed and load boot.efi file from this directory. Here I attach a patch which updates finderinfo[0] when argument is a directory and finderinfo[1] when argument is a file. Can you do a test and tell me which concept is really used by intel macs? When doing tests don't forget to hold option key and select your testing partition. I will do a similar test on my ppc mac

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 6:51 AM, Peter Cros <address@hidden> wrote:

Tested and works on Apple imac81 with Mac OSX 10.5, patch applied to r 2074

grub> hfspbless (hd0,3)/efi

Last login: Sun Apr 19 14:30:23 on console
im81:~ pxw$ bless --info /Volumes/hfsp 
finderinfo[0]:     52 => Blessed System Folder is /Volumes/hfsp/efi
finderinfo[1]:      0 => No Blessed System File
finderinfo[2]:      0 => Open-folder linked list empty
finderinfo[3]:      0 => No OS 9 + X blessed 9 folder
finderinfo[4]:      0 => Unused field unset
finderinfo[5]:      0 => No OS 9 + X blessed X folder
64-bit VSDB volume id:  0x0F87F7680B9C5211
im81:~ pxw$ 

Now it just needs to bless the file in order to boot from grub.efi on Apple EFI

hfspbless <DIRECTORY> <FILE>

This would be VERY useful, making grub.efi boot possible on Apple Mac without needing Mac OSX or refit.

hfspbless is fine for a name

2009/4/19 Vladimir Serbinenko <address@hidden>
Hello, due to request by ams I wrote this. It's an analog of "bless" command available under OSX rewritten using grub2 fs functions and according to apple specification of hfs+ on-disk format. This command only update the blessed folder on a partition it doesn't change which drive is used for booting. The later will be a separate command. Also you can choose which volume to boot from by holding option key. Syntax:
hfspbless <DIRECTORY>
It works only on HFS+ volumes. Also due to the lack of hardware I wasn't unable to test this "in vivo"


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