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Re: [PATCH] xnu

From: Vladimir Serbinenko
Subject: Re: [PATCH] xnu
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:28:19 +0200

Your FSB wasn't detected correctly (or rather not detected at all, what's your CPU?). The actual bug is that if fsb frequency is too low the kernel will crash when trying to use 64-bit mode (you can use -legacy parameter to put xnu in 32-bit mode). You need to specify fsb with a variable. Can you come to ?
(e.g. for 200Mhz: set fsb=200).

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 2:41 AM, Joey Korkames <address@hidden> wrote:
This patch did not work as well as the last one posted (on my test machine). The last one got all the way to trying to run /sbin/launchd off the ramdisk - log post of this one's boot attempt are attached.

Oh, here is my updated menuentry, works well and gives me serial output of the darwin kernel (as well as on the VGA monitor):

menuentry "PureDarwin 9 (phcoder efiemu)" {
      echo "Switching to VESA and booting Darwin (slow)... "
      #bootloader must tickle VESA before xnu can use it

      loadfont /osstore/STAGE1a/grub2/unifont.pf2
      set gfxmode="800x600x32"
      set vbe_mode=0x115
      terminal_output gfxterm
      echo "VESA enabled. Booting Darwin (slow)... "

      #efiemu_loadcore /osstore/STAGE1a/grub2/efiemu64.o

      efiemu_loadcore /osstore/STAGE1a/grub2/efiemu32.o
        xnu_kernel /osstore/STAGE2/DARWIN/live/mach_kernel -s -f debug=0x08 serial=2 serialbaud=9600 rd=md0
-f parameter isn't actually used. Use xnu_kextdir if you don't want to use  mkext

      xnu_mkext /osstore/STAGE2/DARWIN/live/System/Library/Extensions.mkext
      xnu_ramdisk /osstore/STAGE2/DARWIN/ramdisk.hfs
#       ^^30MB too big? (full /System/Library/Extensions) - yes, box will reboot before kernel turnover
Can you give more info about it

#       ^^if ramdisk is invalid, like FBSD, will attempt NFSMOUNT (to nowhere) - else, tries /sbin/launchd 



Vladimir Serbinenko writes:

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New improved version. Numerous bugfixes. Thanks to Florian Idelberger for the time he spent on testing and to David Miller for pointing a nasty mistake out. Also I added fsb autodetection for intel cpus (thanks to Kabyl for the information about Intel speedstep) but I tested fsb autodetect only on my own laptop so it may or may not work in general. Parameter fsb= is still present and overrides autodetect

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