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Re: Warnings when building svn2137

From: BandiPat
Subject: Re: Warnings when building svn2137
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 13:23:52 -0400
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Andreas wrote:

Oh, has anyone experienced any problems with grub-mkdevicemap when installing Grub2 or updating? I had one user complain about it segfaulting on his machine, but I've not seen any problems. This is with svn2137.
I'm experiencing also problems using it, but it's not segfaulting. Using a svn2130 build grub-mkdevicemap --no-floppy create a with proper content like this:
(hd0) /dev/sda
But a svn2137 build (exactly the same BandiPat uses) creates this content, which might not be wrong, but at least the most important part my HDD is missing:
(fd0) (null)

Probably this problem was introduced by revision 2133 and obviously wasn't fixed in rev 2134 - 2137 and in 2138 - 2140 I can see nothing which might fix this. It would be great if somebody could have a look what could cause this problem. Maybe davem as the author of that revision. If you need any additional information give me a yell and I'll try my best to provide it.

I just tested on one machine, running grub-mkdevicemap -v from the shell, which resulted in a segfault and blank file in /boot/grub!

Looks like some bug was introduced after svn2130 in the file.

Thanks devs for your attention to this one.


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