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Re: [PATCH] Video mode fixes in linux loader

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Video mode fixes in linux loader
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 09:18:02 -0400
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Robert Millan wrote:
> > > > Some
> > > > kernels may not support VESA modes at all.
> > >
> > > I don't think this is applicable;  all modern versions of Linux include
> > > vesa modesetting in its 16-bit entry code, and older versions are
> > > already detected by the new loader (user is prompted to use linux16).
> >
> > I can disable CONFIG_FB, and then the screen remains blank until X
> > starts.  It's entirely possible that some distros don't enable CONFIG_FB
> > to save memory, and I don't always enable it in the kernels I configure
> > myself.
> Makes sense for official GRUB.
> However, I'd still like to add a macro check that can be enabled on distros
> that ship Linux builds with CONFIG_FB and want to enable seamless mode
> transition (this will be the case for e.g. Debian).

Can we have GRUB2 not be distro-dependent, because I often depend on it to 
launch multiple different distros (and I'd rather not worry too much about 
which distro installed my grub2)?  It [i.e., whether to use seamless mode 
transition] can be a setting in the grub.cfg if necessary.


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