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Re: [PATCH] support of hfsx ( case comparaison )

From: Michael Scherer
Subject: Re: [PATCH] support of hfsx ( case comparaison )
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 19:19:44 +0200

Le 7 févr. 09 à 22:02, Robert Millan a écrit :

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 10:52:48PM +0100, Michael Scherer wrote:

Here is the second patch, for hfsx support. This patch replace the

It is slightly more complex, and I didn't tested it on hfsx as I do
not have a proper partition.
But so far, it detect correctly config file on hfsplus.


Thanks for your contribution. Would you be willing to assign copyright to the FSF for this? If you're fine with it, please let the FSF copyright
clerk (CCed) know so he can send you the form.

Thanks to some postal problems, it took some months to get the copyright assignement to me. So, now it is over and I think you can apply the patch, I have rediffed against latest svn.

I tried to test it again, just in case, but grub is failling with "menuentry , command not found." I will investigate a little
bit more.

Here is a updated patch.

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Michael Scherer

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