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grub2 and fat efi files on latest Apples

From: James Jarvis
Subject: grub2 and fat efi files on latest Apples
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 16:35:26 +0100
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Newbie post but hopefully I will be providing some useful data rather than merely questions...

I have been using the svn trunk over the last few days with some success compiling 32 and 64 bit EFI grub and creating a dual architecture grub.efi from the results that seems to work on hard disk on newer and older Apple Intel Macs. I use the python script from refit to make the fat grub.efi. Not sure if anyone else is doing anything similar...

I have observed that fat modules don't work - need to use grub-mkimage to insert all the required modules.

Another interesting observation (not really grub but maybe worth comment) is that using a Linux kernel and initrd on the newer macs in efi mode boot (uses framebuffer console) works up until the insertion of modules. It appears that some modules do insert and other don't. The same kernel and initrd booted in "legacy mode" (after a call to fakebios) boots fine.

Finally, the reboot call from linux on the iMac 9,1 hangs - possibly an issue with fakebios??? If the output of grub-dumpbios is any use let me know...

Models tested (all intel)

iMac 4,1 requires ia32 or "fat"  grub.efi
iMac 8,1 requires x86_64 or "fat"  grub.efi
iMac 9,1 requires x86_64 or "fat"  grub.efi


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