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Re: latest grub for xserve tests

From: decoder
Subject: Re: latest grub for xserve tests
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 23:15:19 +0200
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decoder wrote:
I've got an Xserve 2,1 to run with grub + a patch that phcoder wrote for me. I think it is in the SVN now though :)

I have to correct this: as phcoder just told me on IRC, the patch isn't in SVN yet, but I can provide you the patch:

Apply it against SVN revision 2194 then it should be working. Use a grub config as described in the ubuntu thread, if it doesn't work, I can give you mine as soon as I have access to it again :)



Drew Rosen wrote:
Hi Everybody.

Can someone give a newbie grub person some instructions / links for the latest/best grub to use in an attempt to get a linux OS running well on the Apple Xserve Server MacIntel.


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