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Re: Memory Map information: GRUB2 vs. Legacy GRUB (GRUB1)

From: Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: Memory Map information: GRUB2 vs. Legacy GRUB (GRUB1)
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 22:09:55 +0200

> However, when I boot using GRUB2, the Memory Map seems to have been
> written over.
> Some observations:
>  1) Legacy GRUB seems to use a combination of ELF and Multiboot header
> information to boot the OS image; however, GRUB2 using the "multiboot"
> kernel type will use strictly Multiboot protocol.
Both booters behave the same way about this. Loading ELF is a part of multiboot
>  2) The Memory Map information under GRUB2 seems to be "zeroed" which
> leads me to believe that there must be something different in the way
> Legacy GRUB and GRUB2 handle Data and BSS segments (ie: initializing
> data by zeroing out).
The most common reason is the OS zeroing it out. Legacy put the memory
map in lowmem. GRUB2 puts it just after the kernel image. Some kernels
may overwrite it during an initialisation phase.
> I am using GRUB2 version 1.96 from the Fedora RPM repository; hence, I
> wanted to know if a later SVN version has a fix or is there a change in
> the specifications.
Specifications are the same but we fixed a lot of bugs.
> Peace,
> Frank
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