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Re: TPM support status ?

From: Duboucher Thomas
Subject: Re: TPM support status ?
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 22:45:01 +0200
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Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko a écrit :
> How many record labels will not jump on occasion of an efficient DRM?

In France, they still believe it takes three days for a .mp3 to travel
from Japan to France ...

> How many banks will resist the temptation to say "we're more secure
> because of TPM"

When it will be more openly used, most of them will with reas

>>> Since we're going to say no anyway, there's no reason to do it later.  The
>>> longer we wait the stronger they'll be, and the more difficult for us to
>>> reject their unreasonable demands.
>> Because there are valid use cases that aren't about restricting the owner's
>> freedom.
> Yes but the cost is too high. And few people who really need high
> security can afford coreboot motherboard.
>>> Right, but we're defending the rights of the legitimate owner of that
>>> device,
>>> which doesn't have to be the same as the end user (e.g. kiosk).
>> I don't see how you're defending the owner's rights. If the owner wants to
>> lock down the device then they should be able to.
> kiosks are physically protected

Another use case can be associating a MTM and a TPM (data exchange
secured between two exclusive devices, i.e. a laptop and a cellphone).

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