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[PATCH] Compiler warning in grub_cmdline_get

From: Colin Watson
Subject: [PATCH] Compiler warning in grub_cmdline_get
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 00:55:18 +0100
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I don't think this can actually cause a real problem, but it's a
compiler warning since it might (e.g. if prompt ever contained "%").

  /home/cjwatson/src/ubuntu/grub2/tmp/grub2-1.96+20090826/normal/cmdline.c: In 
function ‘grub_cmdline_get’:
warning: format not a string literal and no format arguments

2009-08-27  Colin Watson  <address@hidden>

        * normal/cmdline.c (grub_cmdline_get): Supply a format string as
        the first argument to grub_printf.

Index: normal/cmdline.c
--- normal/cmdline.c    (revision 2535)
+++ normal/cmdline.c    (working copy)
@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@
   if ((grub_getxy () >> 8) != 0)
     grub_putchar ('\n');
-  grub_printf (prompt);
+  grub_printf ("%s", prompt);
   xpos = plen;
   ystart = ypos = (grub_getxy () & 0xFF);

Colin Watson                                       address@hidden

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