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Re: [PATCH] bless command

From: Michal Suchanek
Subject: Re: [PATCH] bless command
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2009 00:59:33 +0200


the bless command is nice.

2009/4/19 Vladimir Serbinenko <address@hidden>:
> Thank you for the testing and info.
>> Redundant info -
>> I checked the OSX bless utility, it requires both folder and file, or it
>> will not agree to bless the file.
> I'm nearly sure now that folder blessing (+tbxi attribute) is used on ppc
> macs and file blessing onĀ  intel macs. Now the question is how we do it. We
> can either keep the current syntax or IMO it's better to have two commands:

Wouldn't it be reasonable to bless both the file and the directory?

> intelmacbless and ppcmacbless both accepting file as an argument. First one
> updates finderInfo[1] and the second one updates finderInfo[0] and sets
> filetype of given file to tbxi and if any other file has the type tbxi in
> the same directory then change it to any other value (e.g. tbxj)

Couldn't the bless command check the machine type of the file and
change file type on ppc files and bless the file for i386 files?

It's OK if the command has parameters that specify what to do and are
explained in the help but it should just do the right thing when you
specify the file to bless.

Would it be possible to make an i386+ppc efi boot CD this way? Would
the i386 grub boot on 64bit systems or are two CDs needed for i386 and



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