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Re: Report: compil error on OSX for target=i386

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Re: Report: compil error on OSX for target=i386
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009 16:54:56 +0200
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On Sun, Sep 06, 2009 at 06:55:41AM +0200, Yves Blusseau wrote:
> Le 5 sept. 09 à 22:31, Robert Millan a écrit :
>> On Sat, Sep 05, 2009 at 03:17:58PM +0200, Michal Suchanek wrote:
>>> Still the time and space required to build GCC is much larger than
>>> that required for building grub. The OS X platform is somewhat exotic
>>> because it uses different object format and non-gnu linker so it is
>>> more likely there will be issues with building GCC. Since the time I
>>> tried GCC is no longer self-containded but relies on additional
>>> libraries that have to be installed separately so the user has to
>>> compile several interdependent packages from source which certainly
>>> requires more planning than just building a single package.
>> Is there no simple mechanism for installing software on MacOS ?  E.g. 
>> on
>> Debian one would just use apt-get.  I heard about the Fink project,
>> although I haven't used it myself.
> On MacOS you can install external program by compiling it with software 
> like Fink or MacPorts (

I see that "gcc44" is listed there (as well as "apple-gcc42" for Apple's
version which we're already "aquainted" with).

So I take it that we can direct MacOS users to this repository, and they
would be able to install a working GCC from it?

The alternative would be to figure out the situation with Apple-GCC 4.2.  I
can ellaborate on that if you'd like.

Robert Millan

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