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Re: Upgrade bug: Misconfiguration of menu.lst in test stage of .97 to G

From: Felix Zielcke
Subject: Re: Upgrade bug: Misconfiguration of menu.lst in test stage of .97 to GRUB 2 upgrade
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 21:36:04 +0200

Am Freitag, den 11.09.2009, 14:15 -0500 schrieb Christopher Whaley:
> Ubuntu 9.04, kernel
> Performing GRUB upgrade with debian installer
> Hey Guys,
> Pardon me if I'm off on the format of this message  -new to mailing
> lists.
> I performed an upgrade from GRUB v. 97 to GRUB 2 today and was
> initially stymied by an error the install program made in editing my
> original menu.lst.
> After successfully running:
> "sudo apt-get install grub2"
> from a terminal and ignoring the prompt to make changes to the "kopt"
> section (in the installer, the field meant to show my current setting
> was blank - I assumed that leaving it blank and hitting enter would
> cause the installer to use current UUID settings),
> I rebooted the machine and attempted to boot boot through the
> chainloader to the GRUB2 image and (after restart) to windows. I also
> attempted to boot from what appeared to be my old item entries for my
> current install of ubuntu. All attempts were unsuccessful
> I was informed that the partitions or files did not exist.
> in the menu item "Chainload into GRUB 2" I entered the editing screen
> and replaced the UUID with the drive number (hd0.4) on the "root" line
> and in the "root=" section of the "kernel" line.
> That did the trick, allowing me to use the GRUB2 image to successfully
> enter and boot from the GRUB2 menu.
> After booting into linux, I ran "sudo upgrade-from-boot-legacy" and
> had no trouble booting with the GRUB2 boot loader on subsequent boots.
> I'm assuming that the installer added the UUIDs incorrectly into the
> modified menu.lst - maybe the script failed to add "UUID=" to the
> string before adding it to the "root" line of the boot items?
> This is how that menu item looks in my modified menu.lst file (actual
> UUID obscured):
> title        Chainload into GRUB 2
> kernel        /boot/grub/core.img
> The UUID in that section of the modified menu.lst file does match the
> UUID of the partition holding the GRUB .97 files.
> Hope that helps you guys work out the kinks before people start
> migrating from ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10.
> I think you guys have a great product and am looking forward to
> exploring the capabilities of this latest version.

Wrong mailinglist.
This is (well was) an Ubuntu specific bug.
This has been fixed in karmic and I think it should be also fixed in

Felix Zielcke
Proud Debian Maintainer

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