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Re: PXEgrub development on grub2

From: Joey Korkames
Subject: Re: PXEgrub development on grub2
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 15:39:26 -0700

> I don't know what pxegrub can do, but GRUB 2 has PXE support:

This would suffice for reading config and/or default from tftp so the
boot selection can be changed remotely on systems that have PXE.

I use PXE:UNDI all the time with Grub2, per that wiki. Works fine.

Is it possible to do something similar on systems that do not have PXE
(ie systems without PXE BIOS or Apple EFI)?

We should have network card drivers like GRUB Legacy had.  In GRUB Legacy,
they were imported from Etherboot.  In GRUB 2 we can do the same, as long
as they're GPL-compatible.

I use gPXE's UNDI layer by way of pxelinux and that works fine. That project has stayed active for quite a long time and I'd think it best to integrate/shim their network stack onto GRUB2 than to reinvent the wheel (such as what pxelinux->gpxelinux has done). I believe that code is all GPL(.v?)


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