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Re: Grub2 and Efi (MacBook 5,1)

From: Stefan Bienert
Subject: Re: Grub2 and Efi (MacBook 5,1)
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 20:34:56 +0200
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>> I'm trying to get Grub2 working on a Efi platform (MacBook 5,1).
>> In version 1.96 I get a menu with a working MacOSX entry, but linux
>> won't boot. I just get some output which looks like data for the video
>> card, than the system hangs.
>> With todays SVN version (which does not compile configured without
>> --disable-werror) I just get a rescue shell with loads of messages on
>> unknown commands.
>> By the way, how do I scroll up to the topmost message in grub-shell?
>> Here is my grub.cfg:
>>  timeout=10
>> menuentry "Gentoo Linux 3 NOAGB NOEFI" {
>>     root=(hd1,3)
>>     loadbios /boot/vbios.bin /boot/int10.bin
>>     linux /boot/kernel-2.6.27-gentoo-r8-n root=/dev/sda4 video=efifb
>> agp=off noefi
>> }
>> menuentry "MacOSX" {
>>  root=(hd1,2)
>>  chainloader /usr/standalone/i386/boot.efi
>> }
>> Has anybody a clue?
> Please supply your grub-mkimage line. Try putting all modules in
> grub.efi except kernel.mod. In NO CASE add kernel on grub-mkimage line
> as it's already implied and adding it explicitly results in serious and
> various problems. We need a foolproof here
Thanks for the tip,

This is my grub-mkimage line:
grub-mkimage -o grub.efi part_gpt hfsplus fat ext2 normal chain boot
configfile part_apple appleldr

Next I try to include all modules.



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