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commands/search.c - not finding hd0

From: Arthur Marsh
Subject: commands/search.c - not finding hd0
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 14:24:19 +0930
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Hi, looking at a fragment of commands/search.c:

        /* type is SEARCH_FS_UUID or SEARCH_LABEL */
        grub_device_t dev;
        grub_fs_t fs;
        int (*compare_fn) (const char *, const char *);
        char *quid;
        /* grub_printf added for debugging */
        grub_printf(" %d", count);
        dev = grub_device_open (name);
        if (dev)
            fs = grub_fs_probe (dev);
            compare_fn =
              (type == SEARCH_FS_UUID) ? grub_strcasecmp : grub_strcmp;

            if (fs && ((type == SEARCH_FS_UUID) ? fs->uuid : fs->label))
                if (type == SEARCH_FS_UUID)
                  fs->uuid (dev, &quid);
                  grub_printf (" %s\n", name);

I added the first grub_printf statement to figure out what the value of count was before each call to grub_device_open, and it would report "0" four times before printing the first device found, and then only partitions on hd1 and hd2 were found (listed by the second grub_printf that I added).

Can anyone suggest patches to the file that contains grub_device_open in order to print out what devices it is trying to open, and why it is not successfully opening hd0?


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