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Re: Macbook, Efi, Display mode

From: Stefan Bienert
Subject: Re: Macbook, Efi, Display mode
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 2009 21:10:32 +0200
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Hi again!

Do we have any news on the gfxterm problem in Grub2-EFI?



>>> OUTPUT-Start
>>> Rom image present.
>>>  [Linux-bzimage, setup=0x2c00, size=0x2784a0]
>>>  Video mode: 1280x800-32
>>>  Frame buffer base: 0x80010000
>>>  Video line length: 8192
>>> OUTPUT-End
>>> I hope this is the requested info. Do provide other stuff, I probably
>>> need a detailed instruction.
>> Hi,
>> This looks legit for me, I don't know why it does work, perhaps it
>> write to the other video card ?
> Ohter video card? I have a Macbook, NOT a Macbook Pro. I have only one card!
>>> BTW, I cannot switch to terminal from X after starting with Grub2.
>> Yep, this is normal. EFI uses non zero gart address, but linux assume
>> 0. X would reset gart, but after it exits, the original gart address
>> is restored and which would cause problem.
> OK, so we know that there is something broken but everything is behaving
>  like one would expect in this situation? That sounds relatively optimistic.
> greetings,
> Stefan
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